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Take Your Game to the Next Level!

An exciting new computer bowling technology gives our instructors advanced tools to help our students take their game to the next level.

With the new V1-Hi Speed Digital Coaching System, you, the student, with the aid of your professional instructor, will further utilize the tools and capabilities of the V1. You will be able to digitally record video of each individual student's ball set-up position, analyzing their swing, stance and motion. Using slow motions and drawing tools, we will visually show each student's specific areas in which they need to improve.

A special feature of the program incorporates side-by-side video of you and/or your instructor. Another student's side-by-side may be able to be incorporated in replacement of him, giving you duals of your swing. Ask your instructor for more details.

As a bonus, every student takes a copy of their personal analysis home on video. Along with the above mentioned drawing tools, that are used to help indicate good areas as well as those needing work, audio commentary with full instructions can be added as well.

You will be given a structured learning format for you. A proven method for the correct way to practice, one that WILL get you results with higher scores. Learn the secrets of the pros.

Lessons are held at the All Strikes Lanes In The Summer Only.

$60.00 - 60 Minute Video Lesson

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