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The ‘new’ balance/holes rule will take effect on 8/1/2020. In the meantime, USBC is allowing balls to be drilled to conform to EITHER the current rule OR the ‘new’ rule. Below is a summary of what is allowed under each rule. As of 8/1/2020 ALL balls MUST conform to the ‘new’ rule below.

  • If there is a hole in any bowling ball, it MUST be used for gripping purposes on every shot thrown with that ball. This does NOT include ‘vent’ holes which can be used on any hole.
  • The ‘new’ balance rules for balls are that a ball may be out of balance in any direction (side to side, front to back or top to bottom) by no more than 3 ounces
  • You may NOT have a balance hole.
  • If you are throwing no thumb, you CANNOT have a thumbhole to use for instance when you want the ball to go straighter such as a spare shot.
  • Plugging the balance hole on a ball with one will most likely NOT make the ball out of compliance because the ‘new’ rule gives more latitude in these variances.
  • Balls drilled without a thumb should be marked as to the ‘orientation’ of the grip.

Follow the below steps to get ready for this new rule TODAY!!