Honor Roll - 800 Series

Name Date Bowling Lanes Series Ball Used
Keith Nusbaum2/20/2019Jugs Bowling Center822Storm Pitch Purple
Mike Sharp3/17/2019Jugs Bowling Center824Storm Crux Prime
Dan Jahns2/24/2019Forest View Lanes836Hammer Flawless
Ty Zieroff2/16/2019Toledo Sports Center826Storm Pitch Black
Aaron Woznak2/4/2019Jugs Bowling Center814Roto Grip Shooting Star
Kevin Nusbaum1/28/2019Forest View Lanes814Storm Intense Fire
Dan Roberts2/3/2019Glass Bowl Lanes821Storm Crux Prime
Mike Isaac1/16/2019Southwyck Lanes805Storm IQ Tour Solid
Ty Zieroff1/13/2019Forest View Lanes814Roto Grip Hustle INK
Mike Sharp1/3/2019Glass Bowl Lanes816Storm Code Red
Kurt Thompson12/31/2018Jugs Bowling Center800Storm Physix
Kurt Thompson12/27/2018Jugs Bowling Center800Storm Physix
Bryan Dazell11/1/2017Glass Bowl Lanes804Brunswick Exile
Mike Tucker12/10/2018Jugs Bowling Center802Storm Lock
Kid Caster11/26/2018Miracle Lanes802Storm Tropical
John Kilmor9/18/2018Jugs Bowling Center805
John MichaelsJugs Bowling Center810Roto Grip No Rules Exist
Chad Rieger800
Jeff McQuillen824
Kid Caster10/22/2018Miracle Lanes827Storm Tropical
Dan Roberts9/27/2018Jugs Bowling Center814
Nick Hine9/21/2018Jugs Bowling Center815Roto Grip Hustle
Chad Rieger3/30/2018 Jug's Bowling Center801Hammer Rip'd Hybrid
Cory HosierGlass Bowl Lanes810Roto Grip Out Cry
Gary Archambeau3/18/2018856Storm Rocket
Chris Hayward3/9/2018Glass Bowl Lanes811Storm Code X
Jon Myers2/3/2018Glass Bowl Lanes824Roto Grip Haywire
Chris Hayward3/9/2018Glass Bowl Lanes811Storm Code X
Bob Osby 3/2/2018Glass Bowl Lanes834Storm Sure Lock
Earon Vollmar3/5/2018Glass Bowl Lanes800Storm Son!Q
Jon Myers2/26/2018Sportsman Lanes812Roto Grip Dare Devil Danger
Tony Muzynski2/26/2018Miracle Lanes824Storm IQ Tour
Keith Nusbaum 1/30/2018Southwyck Lanes827Storm Son!Q
Tony Muszynski1/18/2018Jug's Bowling Center802Storm IQ Tour
Tony Muszynski10/19/2017Jug's Bowling Center801Storm IQ Tour
Dan Roberts1/11/2018Jug's Bowling Center808Storm Match Up Hyrbid
Jordan Forrey1/18/2019Jug's Bowling Center816Storm Hy-Road Nano
Zach Wilkes1/14/2018Rossford Lanes804Storm Code Black
Steve Ellis1/14/2018Twin Oaks Lanes814Storm Crux
Jodi Woessner12/31/2018Jug's Bowling Center815Storm Match Up Hybrid
Andy Ostrosky 12/29/2017Glass Bowl Lanes815Storm Crux Pearl
Chris Hayward12/21/2017Rossford Lanes836Storm Hy-Road
Don Genalo12/21/2017Rossford Lanes812Storm Sky Rocket
Dan Roberts1/14/2017Jug's Bowling Center840Storm Code Red
Earon Vollmar11/30/2017Jug's Bowling Center827Storm IQ Tour Solid
Earon Vollmar11/16/2017Jug's Bowling Center817Storm IQ Tour Solid
Gary Quanitance9/9/2017Glass Bowl Lanes815900 Global Drift
Gary Quanitance9/9/2017Glass Bowl Lanes805900 Global Drift
Gary Quanitance5/18/2017Glass Bowl Lanes851900 Global Dream On
Earon Vollmar11/16/2017Jug's Bowling Center827Storm Code Red
Keith Nusbaum 10/30/2017Jug's Bowling Center815Storm Hy-Road
Keith Nusbaum 11/7/2017Jug's Bowling Center845Storm Fight
Keith Nusbaum3/3/2016Jug's Bowling Center857Roto Grip Up Roar
Earon Vollmar3/3/2016Glass Bowl Lanes811Storm Phaze
Keith Nusbaum2/4/2016Toledo Sport Center811Storm Sky Rocket
Brent Harbaugh2/1/2016Glass Bowl Lanes812Roto Grip Haywire
Keith Nusbaum1/25/2016Miracle Lanes822Storm Optimus Solid
Keith Nusbaum1/25/2016Jug's Bowling Center849Roto Grip Hectic
Keith Nusbaum1/14/2016Glass Bowl Lanes816Roto Grip Menace
Keith Nusbaum1/11/2016Glass Bowl Lanes815Roto Grip Haywire
Keith Nusbaum1/4/2016Forest View Lanes815
Erik Cleavenger12/18/2015Glass Bowl Lanes802Brunswick Exile Fortera
Frank Jacobs12/14/2015Glass Bowl Lanes803Storm Lock
Keith Nusbaum10/22/2015Jug's Bowling Center814Storm Rocket
Keith Nusbaum4/9/2015Jug's Bowling Center845Storm Rocket
Keith Nusbaum3/26/2015Glass Bowl Lanes836
Zack Sullivan3/26/2015Glass Bowl Lanes807Storm Crux Pearl
Ken Szych3/22/2015Glass Bowl Lanes814Storm Rocket
Keith Nusbaum3/9/2015Glass Bowl Lanes817Roto Grip Hyper Cell Skid
Keith Nusbaum3/5/2015Jug's Bowling Center804Storm Rocket
Keith Nusbaum3/5/2015Glass Bowl Lanes801Radical Reax Gusto
Jake Monto2/20/2015Jug's Bowling Center826Storm Rocket
Keith Nusbaum2/19/2015New Glass Bowl Lanes802Roto Grip Unhinged
Earon Vollmar2/6/2015Glass Bowl Lanes801Storm Crux Pearl
Keith Nusbaum2/2/2015Jug's Bowling Center802Global 900 Dream On
Ted Kajfasz1/30/2015Forest View Lanes854Storm Crux
Jim Allen1/27/2015Miracle Lanes858Storm Sync
Rick Yantiss12/8/2014Glass Bowl Lanes810Storm Crux
Jodi Woessner11/21/2014Glass Bowl Lanes856Brunswick Exile
Chris Hayward10/31/2014Glass Bowl Lanes800Roto Grip Sinister
Andy Ostrosky10/31/2014Glass Bowl Lanes812Storm Crux
Keith Nusbaum10/27/2014Jug's Bowling Center802Storm Crux
Keith Nusbaum10/23/2014Jug's Bowling center822Storm Zero Gravity
Keith Nusbaum10/16/2014Toledo Sports Center825Brunswick Platinum Ringer
Zach Sullivan10/6/2014Glass Bowl Lanes814Brunswick Mastermind Genious
Zach Sullivan10/3/2014Glass Bowl Lanes858Storm Modern Marvel
John Hammye10/3/2014Glass Bowl Lanes834Ebonite Mission Domination
Scott Poore9/22/2014Jug's Bowling Center866Storm Optimus
Keith Nusbaum9/18/2014Glass Bowl Lanes825Storm Hyroad Pearl
Mike Shaw9/16/2014Glass Bowl Lanes813Roto Grip Deranged
Quantice Gibson9/15/2014Glass Bowl Lanes803Storm Wipeout
Aaron Hawkins8/29/2014Glass Bowl Lanes813Storm Punchout
Keith Nusbaum8/28/2014Southwyck Lanes814Storm Optimus
Jodi Woessner7/9/2014Glass Bowl Lanes824DV8 Ruckus
Jim Mcdougall7/3/2014Glass Bowl Lanes815DV8 Ruckus Fued
Jim McDougall4/28/2014Nortel Lanes807Hammer Deadly Aim
Scott Poore4/22/2014Jug's Bowling Center825Storm Sync
Rick Yantiss4/5/2014Southwyck Lanes806Roto Grip Uproar
Dave Patchen3/25/2014Glass Bowl Lanes830Storm Marvel
Andy Ostrosky3/21/2014Glass Bowl Lanes864Roto Grip Totally Defiant
Sean Nontell3/21/2014Jug's Bowling Center813Storm Zero Gravity
Keith Nusbaum3/20/2014Jug's Bowling Center800Storm Hyroad Pearl
Bob Flazynski3/20/2014Miracel Lanes826Storm IQ Tour Pearl
Kid Caster3/10/2014Glass Bowl Lanes804Roto Grip Disturbed
Rick Yantiss3/6/2014Toledo Sport Center800Roto Grip Defiant Soul
Aaron Hawkins3/3/2014Glass Bowl Lanes836Brunswick Nexxxus
Jake Monto2/21/2014Southwyck Lanes836DV8 Misfit
Chris Hayward2/13/2014Glass Bowl Lanes801Columbia 300 Freeze
Greg Townsend2/13/2014Glass Bowl Lanes804DV8 Ruckus
Jim McDougall1/20/2014Glass Bowl Lanes811Storm IQ tour Pearl
Eddie Sigurdson12/12/2013Glass Bowl Lanes848Storm Marvel S
Matt Paris12/6/2013Jug's Bowling Center804Storm Freakin Frantic
Bratche Webster12/5/2013Glass Bowl Lanes826Roto Grip Disturbed
Quontice Gibson12/5/2013Jug's Bowling Center801Columbia Dark Encounter
Steve Smith11/5/2013Glass Bowl Lanes816Roto Grip Totally Defiant
Aaron Hawkins10/18/2013Glass Bowl Lanes827Brunswick Mastermind
Zach Sullivan11/22/2013Glass Bowl Lanes804Storm Lucid
Wally Smotherman11/15/2013Jug's Bowling Center813Storm Byte
Keith Nusbaum10/10/2013Glass Bowl Lanes806Storm Hyroad Pearl
Jake Monto10/7/2013Jug's Bowling Center813Storm Fire Road
Keith Nusbaum9/26/2013Forest View Lanes813Ebonite Raid
Pat Coyne8/17/2013Jugs Bowling Center806Ebonite Mission X
Gary Riebe7/23/2013Jug's Bowling Center823DV8 Diva
Keith Nusbaum2/28/2013Jug's Bowling Center835Storm Tropical Breeze
Joe Diamond2/7/2013Jug's Bowling Center815Hammer Black Widow Pearl
Spencer Sevrence (16 yrs old)2/2/2013Glass Bowl Lanes868Storm Frantic
Eric Pawlowski2/1/2013Jug's Bowling Center809Track 505A
Rick Yantiss1/24/2013Jug's Bowling Center805Storm Anarchy
Rick Yantiss1/31/2013Glass Bowl Lanes824Storm Triple X Factor
Jim Juhnke12/20/2012Glass Bowl Lanes830Hammer Jet Black Taboo
Keith Nusbaum12/6/2012Glass Bowl Lanes814Storm Crossroad
Jim McDougall11/30/2012Glass Bowl Lanes803Storm 2 Furious
Aaron Morgan11/16/2012Glass Bowl Lanes802Track 508A
Rich Shaffer11/15/2012Rossford Lanes824Storm IQ Tour
Gary Quaintice10/25/2012Glass Bowl Lanes825Storm Virtual Gravity
Matt Waterford10/19/2012Jug's Bowling Center802Columbia Wicked Encounter
Chris Hetrick10/11/2012New Glass Bowl Lanes807Storm Crossroad
Jim McDougall10/8/2012Glass Bowl Lanes856Hammer Arson
Zach Sullivan9/21/2012Glass Bowl Lanes825Storm Fire Road
Keith Nusbaum9/7/2012New Glass Bowl Lanes817Hammer Black Widow Sting
Greg Cope3/15/2012New Glass Bowl Lanes866Roto Grip Defiant
Quontice Gibson3/9/2012Forest View Lanes812Columbia 300 World Beater
Chris Hetrick2/15/2012Jugs Bowling Center803Roto Grip Venus
Travis Patchen2/13/2012Jugs Bowling Center805Roto Grip Venus
Travis Patchen2/6/2012Bowlero Lanes813Track 916AT
James Goodner1/29/2012Toledo Sport center821Hammer Epidemic
Keith Nusbaum1/7/2012Miracle lanes805Columbia Outburst
KeithNusbaum11/14/2011Jug's Bowling Center847Ebonite Undefeated
Keith Nusbaum11/10/2011Bowlero lanes833Track 811A
Ed Burks III11/4/2011Jugs Bowling Center833Storm Virtual Energy
Roy Hutcheison10/31/2011Jug's Bowling Center824Ebonite Undefeated
Keith Nusbaum10/6/2011Southwyck Lanes805Hammer Taboo
Brooke Summers4/18/2011Forest View Lanes824Roto Grip Rising Star
Dave Patchen4/4/2011Blue Fusion Lanes810Roto Grip Nomad Pearl
Dave Patchen1/19/2011Glass Bowl Lanes803Storm Virtual Energy
Chris Hayward1/28/2011Jug's Bowling Center888Hammer Taboo
Keith Nusbaum12/30/2010Forest View Lanes815Hammer Jigsaw Corner
Kevin Nusbaum12/20/2010Blue Fusion Lanes804Roto Grip Mutant Cell Pearl
Dave Patchen12/15/2010Lido Lanes800Ebonite Lane Breaker
Kid Caster12/13/2010Glass Bowl Lanes825Storm Dimension
Charles Easton12/12/2010Forest View Lanes814Storm Virtual Gravity
Bryan Clevenger11/29/2010Jug's Bowling Center815Hammer Midnight Vibe
J.J. Westhoven11/6/2010Glass Bowl Lanes823Ebonite Mission 2.0
Chris Hayward10/22/2010Glass Bowl Lanes802Ebonite Mission 2.0.
Kurt Thomely10/15/2010Toledo Sport Center804Storm Prodigy
Lee POPPY Papocchia10/1/2010Jugs Bowling Center803Ebonite NVS
Kevin Nusbaum4/10/2010Forest View Lanes825Hammer Black Widow Sting
Rick Yantiss2/22/2010Glass Bowl Lanes856Hammer Jigsaw Corner
Jim McDougall2/14/2010Bowlero Lanes856Hammer Jigsaw Corner
Curtis Easter2/13/2010Rossford Lanes814Roto Grip Mutant Cell
Dave Patchen1/14/2010Lido Lanes828Ebonite Lane Breaker
Kid Caster1/11/2010Glass Bowl Lanes815Storm Pyro
Gary Kurtz1/7/2010Bowlero Lanes815Roto Grip Nomad Pearl
Dave Patchen12/15/2009Southwyck Lanes811Columbia 300 Freeze
Charles Easton12/1/2009Rossford Lanes825Roto Grip Mutant Cell
Dave Patchen10/27/2009Timbers Lanes804Storm Paradigm
Tom Denstedt10/25/2009Jug's Bowling Center802Columbia Bedlam
Craig Walczak10/22/2009Lido Lanes805Ebonite Lanebreaker
Kid Caster10/19/2009Rossford Lanes835Hammer Hot Sauce Pearl
Ryan DeSimpelaere9/23/2009Rossford Lanes808Ebonite Playmaker
Kid Caster4/18/2009Glass Bowl Lanes848Hammer Sauce
P J Sadowski4/17/2009Glass Bowl Lanes814Storm Pyro
Gary (SPIKE) Kurtz4/16/2009Jug's Bowling center815Brunswick Fury
Chris Hetrick7/23/2009Glass Bowl Lanes806Roto Grip Rogue Cell
Keith Nusbaum7/2/2009Glass Bowl Lanes812Storm Special Agent
Rob Poignon4/16/2009Glass Bowl Lanes800Storm Secret Agent
Chad (Lynos) Close4/9/2009Glass Bowl Lanes823Storm Virtual Gravity
Pat Coyne4/3/2009Glass Bowl Lanes804Storm Virtual Gravity
Sean Sevrence4/3/2009Glass Bowl Lanes810Hammer Sauce
Jim McDougall4/3/2009Glass Bowl Lanes826Roto Grip Grand Illusion
Steve Gawrowski3/27/2009Nortel Lanes826Roto Grip Rogue Cell
Dave Patchen3/24/2009Jugs Bowling Center805Storm Hy-Road
Tony Maiden3/23/2009Rossford Lanes803Ebonite Playmaker
Kid Caster3/21/2009Miracle Lanes848Storm Hy-road / Shift
Keith Nusbaum3/16/2009Forest View Lanes825Storm Attitude Shift
Doug Brown3/15/2009Forest View Lanes806Brunswick Inferno
Chris Hayward3/13/2009Monroe Sport Center811Roto Grip Rouge Cell
Dave Patchen3/10/2009Bowlero Lanes806Track Rising SE
Ed Burk 3rd3/9/2009Lido Lanes805Storm Jolt
Kid Caster3/9/2009Rossford Lanes836Storm Jolt
Kid Caster2/28/2009Glass Bowl Lanes803Columbia Resurgence
Ken Szych Jr.2/23/2009Forest View Lanes847Storm Virtual Gravity
Greg Townsend2/20/2009Glass Bowl Lanes838Roto Grip Cell Pearl
Dave Patchen2/19/2009Miracle Lanes805Ebonite NVD
Keith Nusbaum1/24/2009Jug's Bowling Center857AMF Pearl Menace
Glen Kurtz1/22/2009Glass Bowl Lanes801Hammer Black Widow Venom
Bill Hughes1/24/2009Forest View Lanes838Ebonite Total NV
Greg Townsend1/19/2009Miracle Lanes804Storm Hy-Road
Keith Nusbaum12/29/2008Imperial Lanes847Hammer Sauce
Charles Easton12/27/2008Bowlero811Roto Grip Epic Battle
Dale Parker10/31/2008Glass Bowl Lanes803Brunswick Total Inferno
Chris Hayward10/17/2008Bowlero Lanes815Champions Warhak XR
Dan Wozniak10/8/2008Forest View Lanes809Brunswick Fury Pearl
Chris Hayward9/15/2008Glass Bowl Lanes803Columbia Resurgence
Keith Nusbaum4/22/2008Miracle Lanes826Storm Shift
Keith Nusbaum4/7/2008Woodland Lanes803Hammer Black Widow
Sean sevrence4/2/2008Glass Bowl Lanes810Columbia Resurgence
Sean Sevrence3/16/2008Jug's Bowling Center800Columbia Resurgence
Kurt Thompson3/7/2008Glass Bowl Lanes805Columbia Resurgence
Ken Szych Jr.2/23/2009Miracle Lanes847Storm Shift
Keith Nusbaum2/29/2008Miracle Lanes847Hammer Cherry Vibe
Chris Hayward2/21/2008Miracle Lanes814Roto Grip Cell
Keith Nusbaum2/11/2008Miracle Lanes805Storm Shift
Keith Nusbaum1/28/2008Glass Bowl Lanes805Hammer Cherry Vibe
Chris Hayward2/10/2008Glass Bowl Lanes837Roto Grip Cell
Jim Richardson1/28/2008Forest View Lanes800Hammer Cherry Vibe
Paul Schmich1/21/2008Jug's Bowling Center800Black Widow Bite
Keith King1/19/2008Glass Bowl Lanes805Hammer Cherry Vibe
Gary Quaintance1/17/2008Jug's Bowling Center830Ebonite Total NV
Gary Riebe1/7/2008Jug's Bowling Center813Track Rising
Kurt Thompson1/3/2008Jug's Bowling Center804Total NV
Gary Riebe12/28/2007Jug's Bowling Center818Ebonite Total NV
Gary Riebe12/13/2007Glass Bowl Lanes801Ebonite SR 300
Jeff McQuillen12/10/2007Jug's Bowling Center803Hammer Black Widow Pearl
Dave Glauser12/6/2007Glass Bowl lanes801Roto Grip SD-73
Steve Smith11/30/2007Jug's Bowling Center804Storm Fired Up
Gary Riebe11/23/2007Jug's Bowling Center820Roto Grip Mystic
Drew Maiden11/15/2007Jug's Bowling Center825Lane 1 G-Force Super Nova
Steve Jakubowski11/13/2007Glass Bowl Lanes806Storm Special Agent
Lee Papocchia11/12/2007Southwyck Lanes822Storm Special Agent
Justin Reitz11/12/2007Jug's Bowling Center833Roto Grip RSX
Steve Alexander11/8/2007Glass Bowl Lanes806Storm Attitude Shift
Keith Nusbaum11/2/2007Miracle Lanes802Storm Shift
Keith Nusbaum10/29/2007Southwyck Lanes848Storm Special Agent
Justin Reitz10/14/2007Southwyck Lanes803Columbia Professional
Lamar Norwood10/2/2007Southwck Lanes817Storm Agent
Mary Minnick9/24/2007Glass Bowl Lanes815Roto Grip Odyssey
Doug Brown9/14/2007Glass Bowl Lanes804Hammer Black Widow
Keith King9/12/2007Jug's Bowling Center813Storm Depth Charge
Glen (rooster) Kurtz9/6/2007Glass Bowl Lanes805Hammer No Mercy
Kevin Nusbaum7/12/2007Glass Bowl Lanes803Roto Grip Mystic
Glen Slusher7/12/2007Jug's Bowling Center826Ebonite Angular One
Gary Riebe4/16/2007Jug's Bowling Center814Columbia Ti Boss
Troy Berning4/12/2007Jug's Bowling Center847Storm Shift
Tom Denstedt4/6/2007Jug's Bowling Center804Ebonite Angular One
Gary Riebe4/5/2007Jug's Bowling Center803Storm Special Agent
Ray Frost4/4/2007Jug's Bowling Center821Storm Shift
Tom Denstedt3/23/2007Twin Oaks800Hammer Black Widow
Gary Quaintance3/22/2007Lido Lanes837Ebonite Total NV
Chris Hayward3/15/2007Jug's Bowling Center804Storm Shift
Keith Nusbaum3/8/2007Toledo Sport Center816Hammer Nasty Nail
Don Reed3/6/2007Glass Bowl Lanes813Brunswick Fuze Aggressive Reactive
Bryan Fallon2/26/2007Glass Bowl Lanes813Hammer No Mercy
Kevin Nusbaum2/22/2007Jug's Bowling Center827Ebonite Angular One
Ken Alexander2/12/2007Southwyck Lanes810Storm Special Agent
Chris Walker2/7/2007Glass Bowl Lanes808Storm Paradigm
Keith King1/17/2007Jugs Bowling Center814Ebonite Angular One
Gary Riebe12/4/2006Jugs Bowling Center825Ebonite Big Time
Aaron Wozniak12/1/2006Jugs Bowling Center823Ebonite The One
Gary Riebe11/27/2006Jugs Bowling Center805Storm Domination
Craig Scott11/2/2006Miracle Lanes822Storm Pyro
Kid Caster10/27/2006Jugs Bowling Center801Storm Triple X
Ron Thompson10/25/2006Southwyck Lanes814Lane 1 Carbide Buzzsaw
Dave Adams10/18/2006Glass Bowl Lanes822Storm Vertigo
Todd Spears10/16/2006Miracle Lanes812Storm X-Factor Reloaded
P.J. Sadowski10/7/2006Miracle Lanes805Ebonite The One
Kid Caster10/3/2006Jugs Bowling Center804Roto Grip RS-X
Steve Alexander9/28/2006Jugs Bowling Center821Roto Grip RS-X
Ken Alexander9/27/2006Forest View Lanes826Ebonite The One
Chris Hayward9/25/2006Glass Bowl Lanes809Hammer Raw Doom
Steve Frye9/21/2006Forest View Lanes812Ebonite The One
Chris Hayward9/18/2006Miracle Lanes817Ebonite The One
Kid Caster9/17/2006Forest View Lanes802Ebonite The One
Chris Hayward9/1/2006Jugs Bowling Lanes813Ebonite Big Time
Aaron Wozniak7/7/2006Glass Bowl Lanes804Storm Super Sport Pearl
Keith Nusbaum6/6/2006Forest View Lanes815Lane 1 Enriched Uranium
Jim Bopper Richardson6/1/2006Jugs Bowling Center836Ebonite Big Time
Aaron Wozniak5/25/2006Glass Bowl Lanes826Columbia Professional
Gary Kurtz4/13/2006Jug's Bowling Center802Roto Grip RSX
Steve Alexander4/13/2006Forest View Lanes812Columbia Power Drive
Chris Hetrick4/10/2006Nortel Lanes826Storm Pyro
Kid Caster4/6/2006Twin Oaks825Roto Grip Saturn
Kid Caster4/1/2006Glass Bowl Lanes807Storm Passion
Keith Nusbaum3/31/2006Glass Bowl Lanes803Storm X Factor Reloaded
Ken Szych Jr.3/27/2006Glass Bowl Lanes847Storm Paradigm
Sean Severance3/24/2006Forest View Lanes846Storm Trfecta
Charlie Teel3/23/2006Glass Bowl Lanes835Storm Paradigm
Keith King3/22/2006Glass Bowl Lanes805Ebonite Ice
Chris Hayward3/22/2006Jugs Bowling Center826Storm Trifecta
Charlie Teel3/18/2006New Glassbowl Lanes865Storm Flash Point
Gary Kurtz2/20/2006Miracle Lanes803Ebonite Big One
Bob Hawkins2/19/2006New Glassbowl Lanes800Storm X- Factor Triple X
Jim Juhnke2/16/2006New Glassbowl Lanes802Storm Banshee
Keith King2/15/2006Rossford Lanes824Storm Diablo
Wendy Erdman2/13/2006Glass Bowl Lanes836Storm Vertigo
Todd Piorkowski2/13/2006New Glassbowl Lanes835Ebonite Stinger
Chris Hayward2/10/2006New Glassbowl Lanes809Ebonite Stinger
Chris Hayward2/10/2006New Glassbowl Lanes809Columbia Professional
Gary Kurtz2/9/2006Forest View Lanes813Ebonite The One
Jim Kurek2/7/2006Jugs Bowling Center806Storm Fired Up
Ed Isaac2/3/2006New Glassbowl Lanes812Storm Trifecta
George Redmon1/20/2006New Glassbowl Lanes822Storm Flash Point
Gary Kurtz1/13/2006Jugs Bowling Center806Storm Duece
Roy Zapata1/11/2006Glass Bowl Lanes802Columbia Action
Keith Nusbaum1/7/2006Jugs Bowling Center805Storm Paradigm
Jeff McQuillin1/2/2006Bowlero Lanes836Columbia Professional
Bob Osby11/23/2005Glass Bowl Lanes813Ebonite The One
Jim Wood11/15/2005Glass Bowl Lanes824Storm Recharge
Sean Severance11/11/2005Forest View Lanes827Columbia Throttle Up
Carl Wilson11/3/2005New Glassbowl Lanes857Ebonite The One
Jim Wood10/29/2005Southern Lanes - Bowling Green, KY824Dyno Thane Vendetta Pearl
Dave Patchen10/24/2005Glass Bowl Lanes803Brunswick Absolute Inferno
Chris Hayward10/21/2005Southwyck Lanes827Dyno Thane Vendetta Pearl
Dave Patchen10/17/2005Toledo Sport Center803Storm Vertigo
Rich Hansen4/24/2005Ottawa Lanes837Storm Vertigo
Chris Hayward3/28/2005Cincinnati North Bowl823Dyno Thane Vendetta Pearl
Dave Patchen3/19/2005Westland Lanes833Lane 1 Uranium Solid
Jim (Bopper) Richardson3/3/2005Miracle Bowling Lanes834Columbia Full Throttle
Bryan Cleavenger2/21/2005Bay City Lanes811Track Blue Mutant
Joe Brumfield2/13/2005Toledo Sports Center816Storm Trauma ER
Glynn Burns2/7/2005Bay City Recreation (Eastgate)824Lane 1 Super Carbide Bomb
Jim (Bopper) Richardson2/1/2005Glass Bowl Lanes806Ebonite V Sweet
Ken Alexander2/1/2005Brookgate Lane - Brookpark, OH821Storm Depth Charge
Steve Burford1/24/2005Interstate Lanes823Columbia Full Throttle
Keith King1/23/2005Woodland Lanes - Livonia,MI816Storm Ace
Sean Sevrence1/19/2005Glass Bowl Lanes807Storm X Factor Reloaded
Harv Horvath1/19/2005Forest View Lanes813Columbia Ego
Dave Patchen1/4/2005Forest View Lanes804Storm Hot Rod Pro Stock Pearl
Chris Hayward1/4/2005Forest View Lanes801Storm Ace
Bob Hawkins12/17/2004Glass Bowl Lanes842Columbia Rock
Jim Dilorenzo12/7/2004Glass Bowl Lanes818Storm Ace
Heath Hawkins12/3/2004Glass Bowl Lanes801Columbia Bully
Jim McDougall12/3/2004Glass Bowl Lanes805Hammer Real Deal
Pat Coyne12/3/2004Jug's Bowling Center812Storm Triple X
Jack Dickason12/1/2004Toledo Sports Center879Hammer Real Deal
Pat Coyne11/30/2004Jug's Bowling Center812Columbia Bully
Jim McDougall11/24/2004Ottawa Lanes806Columbia Wired
Keith King10/18/2004Ottawa Lanes814Columbia Alter Ego
Dave Patchen10/4/2004Glass Bowl Lanes816Storm Triple X Extreme
Heath Hawkins10/1/2004Southwcyk Lanes818Storm Optimus
Keith Arnold11/1/2014Glass Bowl Lanes792Strom Optimus