Honor Roll - 700 Series

Name Date Bowling Lanes Series Ball Used
Keith Arnold11/1/2014Southwcyk Lanes792Storm Optimus
Keith Nusbaum9/9/2014Glass Bowl Lanes796Strom Optimus
Vincent Butler4/5/2014Jug's Bowling Center770Hammer Deadly Aim
Stephanie Plocek3/27/2014Jug's Bowling Center740Storm Marvel S
Brooke Summers3/27/2014Jug's Bowling Center783Hammer Deadly Aim
John Lawson3/27/2014Jug's Bowling Center795Storm Reign of Fire
Robert Hainer Sr.3/23/2014Forest View Lanes702Columia Disruption
Kevin Staples5/1/2013Southwyck Lanes798Storm IQ Tour Pearl
Tom Chorba Jr.4/22/2011Jug's Bowling Center782Storm Virtual Energy
Tom Chorba Jr.4/8/2011Jug's Bowling Center754Storm Tropical Heat
Keith Nusbaum1/7/2011Miracle Lanes771Ebonite Mission Domination
Brooke Summers1/27/2011Jug's Bowling Center761Brunswick Ultimate Inferno
Gary Lindahl1/6/2011Glass Bowl Lanes779Storm Reign
Stacy O'niel11/3/2010Interstate Lanes759Storm Eraser Boost
Rich Shaffer3/29/2010Jugs Bowling Center764Columbia 300 Total Bedlam
Rich Shaffer3/15/2010Jugs Bowling Center759Columbia 300 Total Bedlam
Brian Conrad3/11/2010Southwyck Lanes783Storm Virtual Energy
Brian Anderson3/1/2010Varsity Lanes794Storm Reign of Fire
Josh Juhasz2/24/2010Southwyck Lanes741Storm Diablo
Ryan Desimpelaere1/31/2010Lido Lanes769Roto Grip Mutant Cell
Ryan Desimpelaere1/27/2010Rossford Lanes703Hammer Hot Sauce
Ryan Desimpelaere1/13/2010Rossford Lanes750Hammer Hot Sauce
Gary LaMunyon1/6/2010Jugs Bowling Center794Lane 1 Red Death Massacre
Josh Juhasz10/19/2009Glass Bowl Lanes771Storm Diablo
Paul Gladieux9/12/2009Rossford Lanes758Roto Grip Cell Pearl
Paul Gladieux6/30/2009Eastern Lanes738Storm Street Rod Pearl
Tom Szych4/20/2009Glass Bowl Lanes791Brunswick Inferno
Ryan DeSimpelare3/22/2009Lido Lanes722Hammer Black Widow Venom
Ryan DeSimpelaere3/15/2009Lido Lanes711Hammer Hot Sauce
Nick Nieman3/11/2009Rich Lanes765Hammer Hot Sauce
Tom Szych3/9/2009Glass Bowl Lanes789Brunswick Inferno
Darla Riling2/27/2009Glass Bowl Lanes740Storm Tropical Storm
Ken Zych Jr.12/22/2008Glass Bowl Lanes793Columbia Resurgence
Darryl Riling12/10/2008Glass Bowl Lanes785Storm Street Rod Pearl
Stacy O'Niel11/17/2008Interstate Lanes718Storm Eraser Boost
Ed Mitchell3/21/2008River View Lanes756Hammer Sharp Blade
Ed Mitchell2/20/2008Riverview Lanes707Hammer Sharp Blade
Tom Chorba12/17/2007Imperial Lanes781Storm Sure Fire
Stephanie3/26/2007Miracle Lanes794Ebonite Total NV
Josh Juhasz3/3/2007Imperial Lanes785Storm Diablo
Ed Mitchell12/20/2006River View Lanes703Hammer Sharp Blade
Mona (Shooter) Kurtz10/12/2006Jugs781Dyno-Thane The Thing
Glen Slusher10/10/2006Swanton Sport Center799Columbia Throttle R
Bill Calhoun9/16/2006Forest View Lanes793Ebonite V2 Sweet
Ed Mitchell2/20/2007Riverview Lanes707Hammer Sharp Blade
Joe Brumfield2/17/2006Miracle Lanes757Storm Vertigo
Eric Pawlowski11/19/2005Toledo Sport Center728Columbia Cuda/C
Dick Selgo10/26/2005Napoleon River City Bowl786Brunswick Zone
Jay Golliher10/13/2005Forest View Lanes720Storm El Nino Gold
Steve Burford10/5/2005Great Oaks Lanes757Storm Depth Charge
Brook Summers4/4/2005Imperial Lanes784Storm Vertigo
Tom Smith Sr.3/17/2005Southwyck Lanes780Storm Triple X
Gary Scheer2/11/2005Jug's Bowling Center791Dyno Thane The Thing
Marty Spitulski2/3/2005Forest View Lanes751Columbia Full Throttle
Ryan Snyder1/29/2005Imperial Lanes710Lane 1 Dirty Bomb
Bill Calhoun1/8/2005Forest View Lanes710Ebonite V Sweet
Stephanie Plocek12/20/2004Imperial Lanes784Storm Triple X Extreme
Matt Heath12/11/2004Imperial Lanes720Storm Flash Force
Keith Nusbaum11/15/2004Glass Bowl Lanes779Columbia Wicked Blue/White
Mike Haybrych11/15/2004Glass Bowl Lanes746Lane 1 Dirty Bomb
Matt Heath11/13/2004Imperial Lanes714Storm Flash Force
Al Heckathorn3/9/2004Interstate Lanes714Lane 1 Black Cherry Bomb