Bowling Ball Repair

Why replace that good ol' ball when you can have it brought back to tip-top shape by a ball repair expert?

  • Bowling ball resurfacing with the Haus Resurfacing System.
  • Ball Rejuvenation with the "Rejuvenator", it actually pulls the oil out of your ball to regain new life.
  • The "Hook Again" system from Ebonite will restore the hook in your ball.
  • Hand sanding, cleaning, and polishing is also available.
  • You will find a full line of the industries best bowling ball polishes and cleaners for today's high performance cover stocks.

Detox $2.00 per minute or 15 minute special for $25.00.

Rejuvenator $15.00 1 ball for 30 minutes or 2 balls for $20.00.

Let's not forget these services are performed by some of the areas top bowlers. Toledo Bowling Hall of Fame Members, ABC National Champions. Guinness Book of World Record holder for doubles game. So who would you trust your bowling game with?

New Check out the JAYHALK DETOX SYSTEM! Available NOW! Click Here for more info.

The Jayhawk Detox System

The Jayhawk Detox System

The Haus Resurfacing System

The Revivor

The Detox is the newest, safest and best tool for removing oil from deep in the surface of the Bowling Ball. It uses warm water (not hot), a mild cleaning agent and Patent Pending Ultra-Sonic Transducers to quickly remove lane oil that has soaked deep into the pores of bowling balls. The UltraSonic transducers create millions of microscopic high energy bubbles that reach deep inside the surface of the ball to release the oil trapped in the cover stock. Not only does the Jayhawk Detox clean deeper and quicker, it does not subject the bowling ball to extreme temperatures over 125 degrees that can damage a ball and void factory warranties. Most other oil extraction devices from ovens, to hot water baths, to dishwashers and streamers subject the ball to temperatures in excess of 125 degrees. Not only is the Detox safer to Bowling Ball cover stocks, it works quicker than most other devices. It helps bowlers get the Snap back and increase their scores and give their old ball new life.

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